Involving Non-Resident Fathers In Children's Learning

Resources on Fathers and Families

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Research Organizations

The Bendheim - Thoman Center for Research on Child Wellbeing
Phone: 609-258-5894
Sara McLanahan, Center Director

CRCW is located at Princeton University. The Center is concerned with a broad range of children’s issues, including education, healthcare, and income sufficiency, and supports basic research as well as evaluations of particular policies and programs. The Center has recently undertaken a major new project, the Fragile Family and Child Well-being Study, to learn more about nonmarital childbearing and its effect on family relationships and child development.

Recent work on fathers and families

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Wendell Primus, Director of Income Security

Founded in 1981, the Center blends rigorous research and analysis with activities designed to enable policymakers, nonprofit organizations at all levels, and the media to make extensive use of its work.

Recent work on fathers and families

Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)
Phone: 202-328-5140
Vicki Turetsky, Senior Staff Attorney

Through education, policy research, and advocacy, the Center for Law and Social Policy seeks to improve the economic security of low-income families with children and secure access by low-income persons to the civil justice system.

Recent work on fathers and families

Center for Policy Research
Phone: 303-837-1555
Jessica Pearson, Director

The Center for Policy Research works with public and private sector service providers to plan, develop, and test projects that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the justice system and human service agencies.

Recent work on fathers and families

Child Trends, Inc.
Phone: 202-362-5580
Kristin Moore, President

Child Trends, Inc. is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to studying children, youth, and families through research, data collection, and data analyses.

Recent work on fathers and families

Fatherhood Project, Families and Work Institute
Phone: 212-465-2044, x237
James Levine, Director

The Fatherhood Project is a national research and education project that is examining the future of fatherhood and developing ways to support men’s involvement in child rearing. The project’s books, films, consultation, seminars, and training all present practical strategies to support fathers and mothers in their parenting roles.

Recent work on fathers and families

Harvard Family Research Project
Phone: 617-495-9108
Heather Weiss, Director

The Harvard Family Research Project conducts research about programs and policies that serve children and families throughout the United States.

Recent work on fathers and families

Institute For Research on Poverty
Phone: 606 262-6358
Barbara Wolfe, Director

The Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) at the University of Wisconsin, Madison is a national, university-based center for research into the causes and consequences of poverty and social inequality in the United States.  It is nonprofit and nonpartisan.

Recent work on fathers and families

Joint Center for Poverty Research
Phone: 847-491-4145 or 773-702-0472
Susan Mayer, Executive Director

The Northwestern University / University of Chicago Joint Center for Poverty Research supports academic research that examines what it means to be poor and live in America. JCPR concentrates on the causes and consequences of poverty in America and the effectiveness of policies aimed at reducing poverty.

Recent work on fathers and families

Lewin Group
Phone: 703-269-5500
Michael Fishman, with Burt Barnow (Johns Hopkins University) and John Truko (Capital Research Corporation)

The Lewin Group is a strategic health and human services consulting firm with 30 years’ experience in the US and around the world. Their mission is to help improve health policy and increase knowledge about the health and human services systems worldwide.

Recent work on fathers and families

Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation
Phone: 212-532-3200
Virginia Knox, Senior Research Associate

The Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation conducts primary research and designs and implements demonstration projects on a variety of issues related to helping families obtain economic independence, including teen pregnancy and fatherhood issues.

Recent work on fathers and families

Motivational Educational Entertainment Productions, Inc.
Phone: 215-829-4920
Ivan Juzang, President

Motivational Educational Entertainment Productions is a communications firm that develops socially responsible, research-based communication strategies targeting African Americans, urban populations, and low-income youth. National Center for Children in Poverty
Phone: 212-304-7100
J. Lawrence Aber, Director

The National Center for Children in Poverty’s mission is to identify and promote strategies that reduce the number of young children living in poverty in the United States.
ecent work on fathers and families

National Conference of State Legislatures
Phone:  303-830-2200
Dana Reichert, Policy Specialist, Children and Family Programs

NCSL is a bipartisan organization dedicated to serving the lawmakers and staffs of the nation’s 50 states, its commonwealths and territories. It is a source for research, publications, consulting services, meetings and seminars.

Recent work on fathers and families

National Center on Fathers and Families (NCOFF)
Phone: 215-573-5500
Vivian Gadsden, Director

NCOFF develops and implements practice-focused, practice-driven research to expand knowledge on father involvement and families. NCOFF is involved in program development, policy research, engaging policymakers, and disseminating information.

Recent work on fathers and families

National Council on Family Relations
Phone: 612-781-9331
Michael L. Benjamin, Executive Director

The National Council on Family Relations is a professional association that provides a forum for family researchers, educators, and practitioners to share in the development and dissemination of knowledge about families and family relationships.

Recent work on fathers and families

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development National Institutes of Health
Phone: 301-496-5133
Dr. Duane Alexander, Director

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development administers a multidisciplinary program of research, research training, and public information, nationally and within its own facilities, on reproductive biology and population issues, prenatal development, medical rehabilitation, and maternal, child, and family health.

Recent work on fathers and families

Public/Private Ventures
Phone: 215-557-4400
Gary Walker, President

Public/Private Ventures is a national nonprofit research organization whose mission is to improve the effectiveness of social policies, programs, and community initiatives, especially as they affect youth and young adults.
Recent work on fathers and families

The Urban Institute
Phone: 202-833-7200
Elaine Sorenson, Principal Research Associate
Laura Wheaton, Research Associate

A nonprofit policy research organization, the Urban Institute’s goals are to sharpen thinking about society’s problems and efforts to solve them, improve government decisions and their implementation, and increase citizens’ awareness about important public choices.

Recent work on fathers and families

Vera Institute of Justice
Phone: 212-334-1300 Christopher E. Stone, President

Working in collaboration with government, the Vera Institute of Justice designs and implements innovative programs that encourage just practices in public services and improve the quality of urban life.

Recent work on fathers and families

Welfare Information Network
Phone: 202-628-5790
Barry L. Van Lare, Executive Director

The Welfare Information Network helps organizations and individuals obtain the information, policy analysis, and technical assistance they need to develop and implement welfare reforms that will reduce dependency and promote the well-being of children and families.

Recent work on fathers and families

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Baltimore City Healthy Start, Inc./Center for Fathers, Families and Workforce Development
Phone: 410-728-7539 and 410-675-2125
Joseph Jones, Director

Baltimore City Healthy Start was created as part of a national demonstration project to reduce infant mortality by 50 percent in Baltimore’s highest-risk communities and to address the costly health problems afflicting babies born at low birth weights. The Male Involvement Project includes an employment and training initiative based on the STRIVE model of attitudinal training and post-placement support.

Bay Area Male Involvement Network
Phone: 415-454-1811
Stan Seiderman, Director

The Bay Area Male Involvement Network is a partnership of several Bay Area child service agencies that are working to increase the involvement of fathers and other significant men in the lives of children. The network offers technical assistance, consultation, and a male involvement curriculum for training teachers in early childhood education.

Center For American Indian and Alaskan Native Health School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns Hopkins University
Phone: 410-955-6931
Kristen Speakman, Program Coordinator

The center focuses primarily on increasing father engagement, improving parenting skills, and enhancing social support systems for teen-formed American Indian families in five pilot communities on the Navajo, White Mountain Apache, and Gila River reservations. The center’s efforts will contribute to building a store-house of knowledge about the impacts of poverty on American Indian families and communities.

Center for Families and Children
Phone: 216-451-2359

In Cleveland, Ohio,  the Fathers and Families Program of CFC, together with its Council of Fathers, provides peer support, community activities and programs to help equip fathers with the tools necessary to strengthen themselves, their families and their communities and help families as they make the transition from welfare to work. The Center has produced a monograph, Fathers Count, A Manual for Developing Fatherhood Programs, to help other communities learn from their experiences in developing a fatherhood program.

Family Support America (formerly the Family Resource Coalition of America)
Phone: 312-338-0900
Virginia Mason, Executive Director

Family Support America works to bring about a completely new societal response to children, youth, and their families—one that strengthens and empowers families and communities so they can foster the optimal development of children, youth, and adult family members. The coalition’s membership brings together community-based program providers, school personnel, human services personnel, trainers, scholars, and policymakers.

The Fathers Workshop, Erie Family Center
Phone: 814-871-6683
Randall Turner, Director

The Fathers Workshop operates the “Long Distance Dads” program, an educational and support program to assist incarcerated men to become better fathers, and “FatherHOOD 101,” a program designed to help teen fathers become responsible parents. The organization is translating all of its materials into Spanish. The Fathers Workshop also is involved in a pilot project in Germany.

Father Resource Program, Wishard Health Services
Scope—Local Phone: 317-630-2486
Wallace McLaughlin, Director

The primary goals of the Father Resource Program are to develop the capacity of young fathers to become responsible and involved parents, wage-earners, and providers of child support, and to assist fathers in developing the skills and behaviors necessary to cooperate in the care of their children, regardless of the character of the relationship with the mother.

FatherWork, Family Studies Center
Brigham Young University
Phone: 801-378-4452
Alan J. Hawkins and David C. Dollahite, Founders

As an online resource, FatherWork provides interesting, informative, and inspiring stories and experiences to help fathers find their own unique and creative ways to meet the needs of the next generation, and to assist practitioners.

Fathers’ Forum Online
Scope—Local and national
Phone: 510-644-0300
Bruce Linton, Founder

This online forum addresses the need for expectant and new fathers to have ongoing dialogues about the stresses and difficulties of fatherhood, and the changing role of fathers in today’s society. This organization also sponsors programs in the Bay Area including fatherhood classes, a fathers’ support group, and organized walks for fathers and children.

Goodwill Industries—Children UpFront
Phone: 414-631-7744
Jerry Hamilton, Manager of Disadvantage Programs

Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin operates several programs serving fathers in Racine and Milwaukee counties. A primary goal of Children Upfront is to engage the father in job seeking and employment activities and, ultimately, to increase the level and consistency of child support provided by the father. New programs include the establishment of the Wisconsin Resource Center on Fragile Families.

Illinois Fatherhood Initiative
Phone: 800-996-DADS
David Hirsch, President

The Illinois Fatherhood Initiative was the country’s first statewide nonprofit, volunteer organization promoting father involvement in the lives of children. The initiative’s activities include the publication of the “Illinois Fathers Resource Guide” and sponsoring a children’s essay contest about fathers.

The Institute for Responsible Fatherhood & Family Revitalization
Phone: 202-293-4420
Charles Ballard, Chief Executive Officer

Founded in 1994, the mission of the Institute for Responsible Fatherhood & Family Revitalization is to encourage fathers to become involved in the lives of their children in a loving, compassionate, and nurturing way. Based on a model program established in Cleveland, Ohio, the institute now has six sites across the country.

MELD/MELD For Young Dads
Phone: 612-332-7563
Dwaine Simms, National Replication Manager, MELD for Young Dads

MELD is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening families and preventing the negative consequences of ineffective parenting. MELD believes that parents can raise children who thrive when they have the information and support they need to act on behalf of their child’s healthy growth and emotional development. MELD provides assistance in program replication, training, and parenting materials.

National Center for Fathering
Phone: 800-593-DADS
Ken Canfield, President

The National Center for Fathering’s mission is to inspire and equip men to be better fathers. The center was founded in 1990 to conduct research on fathers and fathering and to develop practical resources for fathers in nearly every fathering situation.

National Clearinghouse on Families & Youth
Phone: 301-608-8098 (tel./TTY)
Cynthia Diehm, Director

The National Clearinghouse on Families & Youth is the central resource on youth and family policy and practice at the Family and Youth Services Bureau, a bureau within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

National Fathers Network and Washington State Fathers Network
Scope—National and local
Phone: 425-747-4004
James May, Director

The National Fathers Network advocates for men as crucially important participants in the lives of their families and children. The network provides support and resources to fathers and families of children with developmental disabilities and chronic illness, and to the professionals who serve them.

National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute
Scope—Local and national
Phone: 323-728-7770
Jerry Tello, Director

The National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute is a collaborative effort of Bienvenidos Family Services, The National Compadres Network and Behavioral Assessment, Inc. In addition to providing culturally appropriate family strengthening, intervention and prevention services, resources, and media campaigns, the Institute’s experts in the area of Latino fatherhood and healthy family development serve as trainers and advisors in strategic planning, program development, research and evaluation.

National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families
Phone: 800-34-NPNFF or 202-737-6680
Preston Garrison, Executive Director

The National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families is a national, individual-membership organization whose mission is to build the profession of practitioners working to advance the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children.

Paternal Involvement Project
Phone: 773-651-9262
Robert Houston, Executive Director

The Paternal Involvement Project provides a fatherhood training course entitled “Common Ground” for agencies wishing to work with noncustodial fathers. The training helps participating agencies identify existing service capabilities and needs for expanded services; understand the needs of noncustodial fathers; and examine the model and philosophy of the Paternal Involvement Project. Customized training is also available.

Resource Center for Fathers and Families
Arnie Engelby, Director

The Resource Center, with six offices in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, has created programs designed to enhance the role of fathers in full parenthood and full partnership in parenting their children. Programs include: support groups, anger management, parenting classes, family law seminars, relationship development and a fathers’ crisis line.

St. Bernadine’s Male Involvement Project
Phone: 410-233-4500
Sheila Tucker, Director; Anees Rahim, Program Director

The Male Involvement Project is operated through the St. Bernadine’s Head Start program, located in Baltimore, Maryland. The program’s primary goals are to link one male with each child participating in the Head Start program and to assist men in dealing with their needs so they may develop the capacity to care for children.

Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families
Phone: 202-638-1144
Matthew E. Melmed, Executive Director

Zero to Three is a national non-profit charitable organization whose aim is to strengthen and support families, practitioners, and communities to promote the healthy development of babies and toddlers.

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Policy and Advocacy

Center on Fathers, Families and Public Policy
Phone: 608-257-3148
David Pate, Director

Through the provision of technical assistance, policy research, and public education, the Center on Fathers, Families and Public Policy works to place child welfare at the center of public attention. The center’s recent projects include the Legal Assistance Project for states that are Partners for Fragile Families sites, the Common Ground Project with the National Women’s Law Center, and a colloquium series on “Negotiating Child Support.”

Children’s Rights Council
Phone: 202-547-6227
David Levy, President

The Children’s Rights Council (CRC) is a national non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family regardless of the parents’ marital status. CRC has chapters in most of the United States.

Coalition of Community Foundations for Youth
Phone: 800-292-6149
Deanna Ouseley, Director of Operations

CCFY is a network of community foundations dedicated to building the leadership capacity of community foundations in order to improve the lives of children, youth and families at the local level. CCFY has undertaken a wide range of activities to create an environment that recognizes the importance of fathers in the lives of children. This work includes the publication of a monograph, Fathers Matter: What Community Foundations Can Do, a discussion of simple, effective community-based strategies to improve outcomes for children and families.

Dads and Daughters
Phone: 888-824-DADS
Joe Kelly, Executive Director

Dads and Daughters (DADS) is a network of fathers seeking to improve both the lives of girls in general and to be a bigger part of their daughters’ lives. One of the network’s initiatives is to promote policies that focus on healthy body images for girls.

Fathernet/Father To Father
Phone: 913-384-4661(National Center for Fathering)

FatherNet produces information on the importance of fathers, fathering and how fathers can be good parents and parent educators. It includes research, policy and opinion documents to inform users about the factors that support and hinder men’s involvement in the lives of children. FatherNet contains information about Father to Father, a national community effort to unite men in the task of being a strong and positive force in their children’s lives.  The National Center for Fathering is currently the administrative agent for Father to Father.

Florida Commission on Responsible Fatherhood
Phone: 850-488-4952
Matthew D. Munyon, Executive Director

The Florida Commission on Responsible Fatherhood’s goals are to raise public awareness of problems created when a child grows up without a responsible father present, identify obstacles that impede or prevent the involvement of responsible fathers in the lives of their children, and promote successful strategies to encourage responsible

Men’s Health Network
Phone: 202-543-MHN1 (6461)
Tracie Snitker, Manager, Government Relations

The Men’s Health Network is an informational and educational nonprofit organization that increases public awareness of men’s health issues and provides and maintains an ongoing network of health care providers and services that deal with men’s health issues. Programs include the men’s Healthline (888-MEN-2-MEN) and National Men’s Health Week.

National Center for Strategic Nonprofit Planning and Community Leadership
Phone: 1-888-528-NPCL
Jeffrey Johnson, President and CEO

One of the National Center for Strategic Nonprofit Planning and Community Leadership’s initiatives is the Partners for Fragile Families project, the first comprehensive national initiative designed to help poor single fathers pull themselves out of poverty and build stronger links to their children and their children’s mothers. Recent work includes a 10-site national demonstration project between local child support offices and responsible fatherhood programs, and a Peer Learning College for training child support workers in the special problems of fathers in fragile families.

National Fatherhood Initiative
Phone: 301-948-0599
Wade Horn, President

The National Fatherhood Initiative’s mission is to improve the well-being of children by increasing the number of children growing up with loving, committed, and responsible fathers. The organization conducts public awareness campaigns promoting responsible fatherhood, organizes conferences and community fatherhood forums, provides resource material to organizations seeking to establish support programs for fathers, publishes a quarterly newsletter, and dissemi­nates informational material to men seeking to become more effective fathers.

National Parenting Association
Phone: 212-362-7575
Ruth A. Wooden, President

The National Parenting Association was founded by author-activist Sylvia Ann Hewlett to give parents a greater voice in the public arena. Its goal is to build a parents’ movement that unites mothers and fathers across the nation. The association and its state partner networks advocate private and public initiatives that give parents practical support, inform parents about issues, and help them make their voices heard locally and in Washington.

Single and Custodial Father’s Network
Phone: 724-478-4662 or 877-488-SCFN
Fax: 412-291-1153
John Sims, Jr., Founder

The Single and Custodial Father’s Network is a member-supported nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping fathers meet the challenge of custodial parenthood. The network pursues its mission through education, research, publication, interactive communication, and fathering support groups.

Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina
Phone: 803-254-0230
Patricia Littlejohn, Program Officer

The Sisters of Charity Foundation provides grant funds, technical assistance and other resources for community and faith-based groups, organizations and other non-profits whose efforts address the fundamental causes of poverty in South Carolina. The Foundation has embarked on a six-year Fatherhood Initiative to strengthen the role of fathers and fragile families in the state. They have information and resources available to the community on the importance of fathers in families; the impact of fatherlessness; and other fatherhood programs.

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Resources from the U.S. Department of Education

Information Resource Center
Phone: 1-800-USA-LEARN (1-800-872-5327) (se habla español)
Phone: 1-800-437-0833 (TTY) (Partnership for Family Involvement in Education)

The Department of Education’s Information Resource Center provides information about the Partnership for Family Involvement in Education, a coalition of families, schools, employers, and faith-based organizations, and other Department of Education initiatives.

Education Publications Center (ED Pubs)
Phone: 1-877-4-ED-PUBS (1-877-433-7827) (se habla español).
Phone: 1-877-576-7734 (TTY)

ED Pubs is the Department of Education’s one-stop center for access to information products, including publications, videos, brochures, posters, and other mailings.

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Resources from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

HHS Fatherhood Initiative

HHS’ Fatherhood Initiative provides program information, tools, research reports, program evaluations, and other fatherhood resources. HHS is promoting responsible fatherhood by improving work opportunities for low-income fathers, increasing child support collections, enhancing parenting skills, supporting access and visitation by non-custodial parents, reducing domestic violence, and involving boys and young men in preventing teenage pregnancy and early parenthood.

Head Start Publications Management Center
Phone: 703-683-5767
Fax: 703-683-5769

Head Start Publications Management Center, a service of the Head Start Bureau, supports the Head Start community and other organizations working in the interest of children and families by providing information products and services, conference and meeting support, publication distribution, and marketing and outreach efforts.

National Child Care Information Center
Phone: 800-616-2242 or 800-516-2242 (TTY)
Fax: 800-716-2242

National Child Care Information Center, established by the Child Care Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, complements, enhances and promotes child care linkages and serves as a mechanism for supporting quality, comprehensive services for children and families.

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
Phone: 301-468-2600 or 1-800-487-4890
Spanish: 1-877-POR-VIDA or 1-877-767-8432

The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information, a service of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), includes numerous substance abuse prevention and treatment resources in English and Spanish, including the Hablemos en Confianza kit (available: with an Intergenerational Communication Book, Community Action Guide, Children’s Activity Book, posters, stories, and other materials to help professionals and Hispanic/Latino families prevent substance abuse. The Clearinghouse also links to the SAMHSA project Parenting IS Prevention (, an initiative to raise awareness, train, and engage mothers and fathers about the importance of building a close and positive relationship with their children.

Office of Child Support Enforcement National Reference Center
Phone: 202-401-9383 Fax: 202-401-5999

The National Reference Center is the repository for OCSE publications and is the place to call to obtain copies of OCSE materials, including annual reports, research reports, best practices and videos. Examples of materials available through the web site or in hard copy are: “Be Their Dad”, a public service announcement available in English and Spanish, for TV, radio and print media; “State Child Access and Visitation Programs: Preliminary Report,” a study of services that support non-custodial parents access and visitation with their children; “Twenty-one Million Children’s Health: Our Shared Responsibility,” recommendations for improving health care coverage for children who live apart from one or both parents; and Child Support Reports, the OCSE newsletter that regularly contains articles about fatherhood.

Office of Minority Health Resource Center Office of Minority Health
Phone: 800-444-MHRC (800-444-6472) or 301-589-0951 (TDD)
Fax: 301-589-0884

The Office of Minority Health Resource Center (OMH-RC) serves as a national resource and referral service on minority health issues. Information resources on minority health include databases (funding, media, research, data, and listings of volunteer resource persons) as well as scientific reports, journals, and documents. OMH-RC also offers customized database searches, publications, mailing lists, referrals, and more regarding American Indian and Alaska Native, African American, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and Hispanic populations.

State Children’s Health Insurance Program and Medicaid
Health Care Financing Administration
Phone: 1-877-KIDS-NOW (1-877-543-7669)

The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) enables states to insure children from working families with incomes too high to qualify for Medicaid but too low to afford private health insurance through separate state programs, Medicaid expansions, or a combination of both. All 50 states, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories have implemented S-CHIP. Effective outreach strategies, school-based enrollment materials, and other tools are available to help enroll children in free or low-cost health insurance through S-CHIP and Medicaid.

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